Christopher Simpson on KPFK, 1988
Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effect on the Cold War

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PRA Archive #: KZ1648

Author Christopher Simpson discusses his book entitled Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and its Effect on the Cold War. Simpson's interest in the topic started during the deportation trial of Otto Van Bolschwing, who argued against deportation because the CIA had brought him in. Simpson has attained information through the Freedom of Information Act. The United States sought all operatives to combat Soviet "expansionism" at the end of World War II. The foreign service began recruitment during POW debriefings, and helped many criminals avoid war crimes trials. The foreign service, Simpson concludes, created the Cold War to insure the Pentagon budget following the end of World War II

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Sylvia Meagher, Author of Accessories After the Fact
1967 Radio Interview on Lee Harvey Oswald and The Warren Report

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"...if this is truth, then black is white, night is day, and war is peace. This is not truth. This is a false document."

--Author Sylvia Meagher on The Warren Report

From Pacifica Radio Archives #BB4658

Sylvia Meagher examines the activities of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Soviet Union and the United States prior to President Kennedy's assassination. She goes on to explain how this information refutes the findings of the Warren Commission.

RECORDED: 26 Jan. 1967. BROADCAST: KPFK, 18 Apr. 1967.

Note: A large variety of audio and interviews of interest to researchers and historians are available from Pacifica Radio Archives, and can be purchased as CDs or digitized for a fee. Please visit their site:

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Scott Enyart on Black Op Radio, 2000
The RFK Assassination and the LAPD Cover Up

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Black Op Radio #12 In 1968, as a young photographer, Scott Enyart found himself snapping photos of Presidential Candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the moment of his assassination. In this 2000 Black Op Radio interview, Mr. Enyart discusses that moment and his decades long efforts to get his crime-scene photos back from the Los Angeles Police Department - including a high-profile case against one of the LA's most ruthless lawyers.

The full audio is available as part of Black Op Radio's Season 1 / year 2000 - one of 26 interviews available via direct download for $10.

Black Op Radio's full guest list

News articles

LA Times, Jan 18 1996 "New Twist in Kennedy Mystery : Photo Negatives of Robert F. Kennedy's Assassination Disappear"

Chicago Tribue, Mar 31 1992 "A Different Kennedy Murder Mystery: Where Are The Rfk Pictures?"

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Steve Smith's The Psychopath Machine
MKULTRA-linked Human Experimentation and Torture at Penetang Hospital, Oak Ridge

Image: 2017-09/1504497143_steve-smith-the-psychopath-machine.png

Steve Smith is the author of the book The Psychopath Machine  ( I was very glad to hear him tell his story.

In 1968, when he was just a teenager, Steve found himself pulled into the justice system in Canada, and as happens all too often the system sort of took over and Steve, though he was brought in for a very minor crime, eventually ended up at a maximum security mental hospital for the criminally insane called Penetanguishene Mental Hospital, Oak Ridge Division. There he was subjected to a really bizarre series of "treatments". A Canadian judge has recently ruled these treatments should be more rightly called torture.

I first heard about Steve in a Black Op Radio interview that he did in 2001, and a couple months ago I ran across some articles in Canada's Globe and Mail that a judge had made a ruling due to a class action lawsuit [mirror] from several patients that were at this facility that what happened there was indeed torture. This is a few paragraphs from the Globe and Mail, June 7, 2017, "Doctors tortured patients at Ontario mental-health centre, judge rules":

"Patients at a maximum security mental health facility in Ontario were tortured by medical doctors over a 17 year period in unethical and degrading human experiments a judge has ruled in a lawsuit. Techniques used on the patients between 1966 and 1983 included solitary confinement as treatment and as punishment, administration of hallucinogens and delirium producing drugs, including LSD, and brainwashing methods developed by the CIA according to Justice Paul Perrell of Ontario Superior Court of Justice."

"Some of the patients at Oak Ridge division of the Penetanguishene Mental Health Center in central Ontario had been charged with crimes such as rape, murder and child abuse and been found not guilty by reason of insanity. Others had simply been committed by their doctors. Oak Ridge doctors contended that with intensive therapy the patients could some day be freed. An estimated 1,260 patients spent time in the program between 1965 and 1979."

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Bill Simpich, Author of State Secret
The Murder of J.D. Tippit

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Our Hidden History discussed the murder of Dallas Police officer JD Tippit with attorney and author Bill Simpich. Bill breaks down the shooting of Tippit, the arrest of Oswald, and role of specific Dallas Police officers in the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

We also discussed the upcoming mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, scheduled for November 16th and 17th, 2017 in Houston, Texas. More information about the mock trial can be found at

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James DiEugenio: The JFK Assassination in the Press & the Public Eye

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James DiEugenio is a veteran author and researcher lately focusing on JFK's foreign policy. He's the author of Reclaiming Parkland and Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case, now in its second edition. He's a regular guest on Len Osanic's Black Op Radio, he writes for Robert Parry's Consortium News, and he's the principal behind one of the most active and important assassination websites,, which is constantly updated with new articles, book reviews, and important news about the assassinations of both JFK, RFK, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., among a lot of other interesting items.

We covered the ebb and flow of the public perception of the case as it played out in the media and in official investigations. It's a good look at the 50 years of the long-term cover up in the press and in officialdom, and on efforts of people such as the early researchers and others - like Jim Garrison, and Oliver Stone - to bring the facts of the case to light. We look too at what some of the official investigations uncovered - like the House Select Committee and the board created by the 1993 JFK Act - and assessed their impact, if any, on the story being put out by the US press. We end by seeing what the 2017 releases might mean and whether or not the press and official story will ever fully grapple with the facts of the murder of John F. Kennedy.

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JFK, Jim Garrison, and the American Media
John Barbour interviewed by James DiEugenio on Black Op Radio

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Black Op Radio #848 Veteran author and researcher James DiEugenio interviewed filmmaker and television personality John Barbour on Black Op Radio. John has made three films about the JFK assassination and conducted a rare series of interviews during the 1980s with Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, and witnesses to the events in Dealy Plaza.

More information on John's films can be found on his website: 

This interview originally aired on Black Op Radio on August 17, 2017, and the audio can be found in Black Op Radio's archives as show #848.

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Bill Simpich
Secret Operations
in the United States
and their Effects

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Bill Simpich is an attorney and anti-war activist. He's been practicing law for 35 years now. He's worked on several important political cases. He's been in court against both the FBI and the CIA, against the FBI in a case where two political activists were the victims of a car bombing, and against the CIA for their involvement in the Nicaraguan Contra drug trafficking. He's also been involved in cases against the Bush administration for their civil liberties clampdown during the "War on Terror." He's worked on cases of police shootings in the Bay Area, and most recently, cases to make sure the votes were counted properly in the California Democratic Primaries in 2016. He's also written on political assassinations during the 1960s, such as the murder of Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, CIA attempts on the life of Fidel Castro, and a whole lot, including a book and a series of articles on the Kennedy assassination. His book, called State Secret, is available for free on the Mary Ferrell site.

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Fmr. HSCA Researcher Dan Hardway
Investigating the Assassination of JFK
Then and Now (2017)

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In 1977 to 1978, Dan Hardway was a researcher for the US House of Representatives. He worked on a committee that sought to determine the facts of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Along with his fellow researcher, Ed Lopez, Dan produced a 500-plus page report looking into the CIA's story surrounding Oswald's trip to Mexico City. The report was so revealing that the CIA fought to keep it hidden and were successful in that effort for almost two decades. The report, 'Oswald, The CIA and Mexico City', is widely regarded as one of the most important documents to be released through the work of the JFK Act.

Worse than this suppression of the report is the fact that Dan and Eddie and the Committee were the target of a CIA covert operation. We know today that this operation successfully prevented the Committee from looking into the CIA's relationship with the Cuban exile group known as the DRE.

The DRE is the group that Oswald had his famous scuffle with in New Orleans. More importantly, it was the group which, immediately after the assassination, launched a campaign trying to blame the assassination on Castro and Cuba. The same CIA officer who, in 1963, was running the operations of the DRE - Mr. George Joannides - was the officer sent in to halt the HSA investigation. This is a topic that journalist and author Jefferson Morley has made the focus of his work and his lawsuit against the CIA.

Our Hidden History spoke with Mr. Hardway about all of this and more.

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Senator Frank Church, 1975
The Creation and Goals of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee

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We have now entered the final decade on the way to 1984. Weary of scandal or not, we must never become weary of being vigilant. We dare not shrink from another redemptive investigation. Learning where we stand can spell the difference between arriving nine years hence at the doorstep of the Orwellian nightmare or awakening with sublime relief in the knowledge that we have, through perseverance today, confounded that dark dream of tomorrow.

--Senator Frank Church

Transcript from a speech by Senator Frank Church (D-ID).

PRA Archive #BC2941
Description: Church discusses the goals of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
Date Broadcast on: KPFK, 27 Feb. 1975.

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